6.07 DBA/Oral Component Review Guide

1.  What is an Incumbent?

2.  Explain Federalism.

3.  What is an Interest Group? 

4.  What is the Electoral College?

5.  What is the purpose of the Presidential Cabinet?

6.  What did you learn about the Watergate scandal?

7.  Explain the Impeachment process.

8.  Explain either, an Initiative, a Referendum or a Recall Election. Tell how these allow for direct democracy in state government.

9.  What are some of the Rights of Citizenship?

10.  What are some responsibilities of the state government?

11.  What are some Concurrent Powers of the state and federal governments?

12.  What are some services provided by local city and county governments?  

13.  Is direct democracy good for state government?

14.  What is your favorite American Symbol?

15.   What do you believe to be the most important right of citizens and the most important responsibility of citizens and why?