2.04 DBA/Oral Component Review Guide

1.  Which civilization had the greatest impact on the United States government: Ancient Greece, Rome or Western Europe? Give three examples to support your position.

2.  What are the three types of government you learned about in Module 1?
•         Name the Types
•         Define the Types
•         Give an Example of each

3.  Who were the three French Enlightenment thinkers and one English Enlightenment thinker who influenced our Founding Fathers?

4.  The English Enlightenment thinker said, “All men have a right to life, liberty and the property.” This phrase was changed by an American colonist and put into a famous document.
•         How was it changed? 
•         Who made the change? 
•         What document is the change phrase in?

5.  What are the three parts of the Declaration of Independence?

6.  What are five of the main grievances the Colonists had against King George III?     Explain each grievance.

7.  After the Revolutionary War was won, what document organized the first government of the United States as a loose league of friendship?

8.  Name five weaknesses of the document mentioned in the previous question.

9.  What was the effect of Shay’s Rebellion on the government organized under the document mentioned in question 6?

10.  What was the Great Compromise?  
     (Hint: Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan and the Connecticut Compromise)