Module Review Sheets with Terms and Concepts to Know

Module 1 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

·         Government

o    The need for government

o    Terms to know: government


·         Origins of Modern Government

o    Contributions of Ancient Greeks

o    Contributions of Ancient Romans

o    Birthplace of Western Civilization

o    Western Europe

o    Age of Absolutism

o    Glorious Revolution

o    French Revolution

o    Terms to know: democracy, city-state, plebeians, patricians


·         Types of Governments

o    Definitions of the types

o    Advantages and disadvantages of the types

o    Examples of the types

o    Terms to know: democracy, direct democracy, representative democracy, oligarchy, autocracy, monarchy, totalitarianism, dictatorship, nation-state


·         Government Terms

o    Terms to know:  anarchy, checks and balances, confederation, federalism, limited government, popular sovereignty, republic, separation of power


Module 2 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

·         The Enlightenment

o    Ideas of the Enlightenment era

o    Political theories of the Enlightenment era and how they shaped our government

o    People to know: John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Charles de Montesquieu, Sir Isaac Newton, Denis Diderot, Voltaire


·         Declaration of Independence

o    Major grievances against King George III

o    Parts of Declaration of Independence

o    Lexington and Concord

o    Terms to know: First Continental Congress, Second Continental Congress, Common Sense, docent

o    People to know: King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston


·         Articles of Confederation

o    Overview of the Articles

o    Weakness of the Articles

o    Shay’s Rebellion


·         Ratification of the Constitution

o    Constitutional Convention

o    Federalists vs Anti- Federalists

o    Terms to know: ratify, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Critical Period

·         The Constitution

o    Preamble- purposes of government

o    Articles 1-7- structure of government, “body”

o    Amendments- 1-27

o    Bill of Rights

o    People to know: James Madison


·         Branches of Government

o    Name

o    Location

o    Overview


·         Checks and Balances

o    Purpose

o    Examples


·         Federalism

o    Terms to know: federalism, confederation, unitary system

o    Hurricane Katrina

o    Federal, state, and local laws


Module 3 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

·         Judicial Branch

o    Supreme Court

o    Supreme Court Justices

o    Court of Appeals

o    District Court

o    Civil law vs Criminal Law

o    Grand Jury vs Petit Jury

o    Judiciary Act of 1789


·         State and Local Courts

o    Original jurisdiction

o    County Courts

o    Circuit Courts

o    District Court of Appeals

o    State Supreme Court


·         Supreme Court

o    Term

o    Nomination process

o    Terms to know: appellate jurisdiction, opinion, dissenting opinion, original jurisdiction, “rule of four,” judicial review

o    People to know: Supreme Court Justices, Chief Justice John Marshall


·         Bill of Rights

o    Purpose

o    Rights and Freedoms

o    Amendments 1-10

o    Tinker vs Des Moines

o    Tinker Standard


·         Jury Duty

o    Amendment 6 & 7

o    Jury selection

o    Terms to know- civic duty, voir dire


·         Amendments to the Constitution

o    Article 5

o    Amendments 11-27

o    Terms to know: abolition, women’s suffrage


·         Civil Rights

o    14th amendment

o    Brown vs. Board of Education

o    Civil Rights Act of 1964

o    Americans with Disabilities Act

o    Terms to know: segregation, sit-in, freedom ride, bus boycott

o    People to know: Rosa Parks, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr


·         Civil Liberties and the Patriot Act

o    Civil liberties- examples

o    Patriot Act- reasons, debate surrounding

o    Terms to know: habeas corpus, ACLU


Module 4 Review Sheet:  Terms and Concepts to Know

·         Legislative Branch

o    House of Representatives- members, duties, term, qualifications

o    Senate- members, duties, term, qualifications

o    Terms to know: bicameralism


·         Powers of Congress

o    Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution

o    Similarities and differences of power in the House and Senate

Module 3 Review Sheet


·         Congressional elections

o    Terms of office for the House of Representative and the Senate

o    Qualifications for becoming a member of Congress

o    Terms to know: incumbent, gerrymandering, redistricting


·         Political parties

o    Differences between Democrats and Republicans

o    Terms to know: political party, third party, primary, caucus, two-party system


·         Interest groups

o    Types of interest groups

o    Purpose of interest groups

o    Terms to know: lobby, political action committees (PAC)


·         Representing the people

o    Why we should take an active role in government

o    How should we take an active role in government


·         Elected officials

o    How to monitor elected officials

o    Why we should monitor elected officials

o    Constituent services


·         How a bill becomes a law

o    Process from idea to the President

o    Why we should monitor elected officials

o    Terms to know: bill, sponsor, veto


Module 5 Review: Key Terms and Concepts to Know

Executive Branch

o    Qualifications to become President

o    Duties of a President

o    Electoral College

o    Purpose and members of the Presidential Cabinet

o    President’s relationship with the media


Policy making

o    Examples of foreign policy

o    Examples of domestic policy

o    Examples of economic policy

o    Terms to know: policy, UN, NATO, isolationism, laissez-faire economics, Keynesian economics, deficit spending, trickle-down theory



o    Process

o    Watergate scandal

o    Presidents who have been impeached

o    Terms to know: impeachment

Module 6 Review: Key Terms and Concepts to Know

State Government and Local Government

o    structure

o    Powers of the state vs. federal government

o    Concurrent powers

o    Role of Direct Democracy

o    Primary purpose of city government

o    Services provided by local government

o    Terms to know: concurrent powers, direct democracy, initiative, referendum, recall


o    Naturalization process

o    Rights and Responsibilities of citizens

o    Terms to know: naturalization, Fourteenth Amendment, right, responsibility, alien, dual citizenship, jus sanguinis, jus soli, National, naturalization, refugee, right of expatriation


o    Requirements, how to register, why it’s important

o    Terms to know: Fifteenth Amendment, Nineteenth Amendment, Twenty-sixth Amendment

American Symbols

o    Greatest symbol of America and why?