How Do I Find a Collaboration Partner?

You have 2 Options for Finding a Partner:

1) Attend one of the scheduled Webinars. The instructors will help you find a partner(s) as part of the webinar activities. 

2) Follow the steps below to find a partner to complete your collaboration requirement without attending a webinar:

  1. Go the Discussion area of the course. Locate the discussion for the project that you would like to collaborate on. Read through the postings to see if there are any students currently looking for a partner. If you can not locate any students currently in need of a partner, add a posting to the discussion asking for a partner. Your subject line should indicate the date and that you are looking for a partner to complete a project collaboration option. For example, “Subject: March 3, 2009. I am looking for a partner to complete the collaboration option. Please respond to this posting or email me if you need a partner.
  2. Once you have received a response from your discussion posting, go back to the Discussion area and modify or remove your posting so other students will know that you are no longer in need of a partner, for example, “Subject: I am looking for a partner to complete the collaboration option - I have found my partner!
  3. Communicate with your partner on how you will share your completed projects. For example, you may have completed one of several project options. Your completed project may be in a file format that you can email or it may be hosted on the web using one of the course Web 2.0 tools.